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Out Of A Serpent's Egg Agniau Dous = To The Shore
Fuaelo Oman
Spleens Where Are You Going? = Pray For Dawn
Arabian Gothic Swans
Lilian Colours Isabella
End Of An Circle Rakim
Solo (Lisa Gerrard) - Exit To Eden Persian Love Song
Sinful Garden Rakim
Desert Sun Desert Song
Mystical Rain Tristan/Sanvean
Woman I Can See Now
Watch Over Me American Dreaming
Horn Solo Piece For A Solo Flute
Mourning Dreams Made Flesh
Remembrance Oman
Kadath Rakim
Garden Of Refuge Pray For Dawn = Where Are You Going?
Convict Of Sin Severance
Sea Of Tears Ocean
Flutes From Nowhere At First And Than...
Afternoon Prayer Swans
Cathedral Dreams Made Flesh
Ignis Gloridean
Lost Treasure Oman
Forest Of Souls - Rare Traxx & Ailema Severance
Factuus The Roses
Empty Dreams Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Mourner Rose Forest Of Souls
Garden Of Refuge - Rare Traxx & Ailema Desert Song
Ichor Persian Love Song
Xerophyte Isabella
Karath Don't Fade Away
Yuycinga Rakim
Eternath Beauty The Song Of The Sibyl
Severance - Ailema Swans
The Song Of The Sibgh Tristan/Sanvean
The Arcade The Arcane
Flowers Of The Sea Circum - Meditabor Cantara
Eden - Meditabor Orbis De Ignis
Song Of A Sophia Song Of Sophia
Song Of A Sybil The Song Of The Sibyl
Alone Oman
Lartomento Toward The Within
The Night Where We Lost I Am Streched On Your Grave
Lyndra Redark
Tune For Sheba Rakim
Cyndrill Tristan
Ductia = The Serpent's Army
The Endless Longing Of Sea Doves Oceania
Balero Bolero
Amelia = Sailing The Seas
Drag(in) My Feet Sloth
For A While Chase The Blues (Away)
Shadow A Means Of Escape