a few words about pieter bourke
Pieter is a self-taught percussionist and keyboard player whose interest in rhythm and sound began at an early age. like drummers the world over, he found rhythm in everyday objects as a child. Beginning with a small electronic drum at age twelve, he has built up a varied collection of percussion Instru- ments from around the globe. His favourites are the Near Eastern Tar (a circular frame drum with a deep resonating sound) and the Egyptian Darabukka (a pear-shaped drum with a fish or synthetic skin stretched on it for a fast, snappy sound). Pieter worked in a variety of musical settings since beginning with the Australian group Eden in 1994. He has worked with Snog and completed a number of remixes for other artists. Pieter began working with Lisa Gerrard in 1994 performing on "The Mirror Pool" recordings and tour. He is currently a member of the group Soma in which he combines an interest in rhythm and sound manipulation, both acoustic and electronic.
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