a few words about nigel flegg
Nigel Flegg was born in Dublin in 1970 and began playing drums at the age of twelve. He started off playing in rock and pop outfits before developing an interest in jazz and ethnic music. Most recently fuelled by an increasing passion for Latin and Afro- Cuban music, he concentrates on percussion, in particular, congas. He has previously studied drums and percussion in Dublin and in Madrid during the time he was living there. Most recently. in 1995. he went to the national school of art In Havana. Cuba, where he studied with Jose "Changuito" Quintana and Roberto Vizcaino among others. At the moment Nigel is based in Dublin where he works with Latin -Jazz group Saoco Brava. He also works with a vanety of other Jazz and Funk groups, and teaches percussion and drums in Newpark Music Centre. This is the first time (1996) he has worked with Dead Can Dance.