a few words about & from brendan perry
I was born in Whitechapel, London in (30th June) 1959 to Anglo-Irish parents and subsequently raised and schooled in the East End of London, until my family emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, seeking a new life and new opportunities. Haying received no prior formal musical edutation, l began to play the guitar under the guiding influence of Maori and Polynesian musicians at the catholic school I attended in Ponsonby. After half hearted attempts to become a primary school teacher and then join the civil service, l drifted through a series of jobs until l was asked to join The Scavengers in 1977. At first l played bass guitar later taking on the duties of lead vocalist when the original singer left the band. Apart from a handfui of original songs we would co»er music from ihe Stooges, New York Dolls, and late 60's Psychadelia. After two years of entertaining controversy, unabte to secure a recording deal or live dates (largely due to the media's sensalionalist attitude towards punk) We decided to move to Melbourne, Australia, in 1979 and changed our name to the Marching Girls in 1980 I left the band to pursue a more creative personal musical odyssey, experimenting with tape loops, synthesis and alternative forms of rhythm. In 1981 l formed Dead Can Dance with Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson (both of whom were to Ieave within the year soon after we had relocated to London) and of course Lisa Gerrard, who was to become my fellow navigator and soul musical companion for the next fifteen years. Today l live in Rural Ireland where l can be found indulging myself in mythological and natural interests such as Dragon Hunting.
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