Please wait for a little while until the engine is loaded!!! thank you.

WHAT and HOW can i search for stuff... ?

you can search for | songtitles, bootlegs, albums, tours, special dates, lyrics, interviews, tablatures etc. maybe soon for covers too... :o)

you can't search for pictures & biographies

for special date (eg. 22.11.1987) type as follows >> 22/11/1987
you can also just search for '1987' etc...
if you choose song, album or bootleg titles i recommend using only one word out of the title thus avoiding too many results
or you can also add 'and' ('closer and to and heaven' instead of 'closer to heaven') to get better search results

i think this is a really powerful DCD search engine.

email me if you are unable to find what you're looking for

LAST WORDS: the engine is a work in progress that ultimately
will be the best DCD search tool hopefully but i need ur input so please
feel free to contact me with tips and omissions.